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Fluoride Water Filters

Our water supply in many cities has been supplemented with fluoride for years, despite the fact that controversy still rages about its safety. Countless studies point to evidence that it is not only unnecessary, but can also be dangerous to your health. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. A fluoride water filter will eliminate fluoride and other toxins from your drinking water, providing you with a safe and healthy supply of drinking water at an affordable cost. A fluoride water filter will help to prevent the onset of dental fluorosis, a condition that results in brown, pitted teeth. Dental fluorosis occurs as a direct result of ingesting fluoride through drinking water and other sources. Other studies point to the fact that fluoride in water is both a carcinogen and mutagen.

See http://www.fluoridealert.org/ and http://pureearthwaterfilters.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/prof-statement.pdf

Fluoride Water Filters and Filtration - Methods to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water:

There are plenty of good reasons for installing a fluoride water filter. The fluoride that is added to water also contains other toxic materials and pollutants, which may include lead, mercury, and arsenic. Hundreds of renowned scientists and researchers around the world condemn, or refuse to endorse fluoridation of the water supply. The fluoride water filter is a simple solution to a vexing problem. You may not have any control over what goes into your water, but this simple device can easily take it right back out.

Activated alumina filter media and reverse osmosis systems are the two EPA recommended methods for removing fluoride from drinking water.  Some companies claim that carbon filters will remove fluoride, but this is not correct.  Also, don't be fooled by single multi-media cartridge units that contain a small amount of media in addition to carbon - a full cartridge of 100% activated alumina is needed for complete fluoride removal! Activated alumina is aluminum oxide, the same chemical substance as sapphire and rubies, but without the impurities that give the gems their color. (This is not aluminum, which is a more highly-processed metal made from activated alumina.) Activated alumina has a very high surface-area-to-weight ratio, with a lot of tunnel-like pores that run all through it. This means that there is a lot of surface area against which the water interacts, thereby removing fluoride (and arsenic). Through the attraction of the metals, 90% to 98% is normally removed. The fluoride coats the surface of the alumina over time.

BUT OUR WATER FILTER SYSTEMS REMOVE FAR MORE THAN JUST FLUORIDE FROM YOUR TAP WATER! All our fluoride removal systems use a double cartridge configuration with activated alumina cartridge in the first position and KDF/GAC in the second.  While the activated alumina cartridge has been tested and shown not to leach any aluminum, as a precaution we use the KDF/GAC cartridge to remove any aluminum that may get into your water. KDF/GAC also removes chlorine, heavy metals (including lead), chemicals, VOCs, and more. At the same time, our filter system leaves in essential, healthful minerals like calcium and magnesium and it wastes NO water! This will provide you will "better-than-bottled" water for less than 5 cents per gallon!

Already have a filter system but it's just lacking fluoride removal? You can simply add one of our inline configurations!




Steps to Reduce Fluoride Exposure

  • Don't take fluoride supplements.


  • Read labels on bottled beverages.
    Unless they are made using distilled or reverse-osmosis water, they are probably made with fluoridated public water.


  • Consider using non-fluoride toothpaste.


  • Avoid drinking black or red tea.
    They come from two different types of plants, but both leaves naturally contain high amounts of fluoride.


  • Be wary of tinned fish and canned food items.
    Fluoride may be used as a preservative.


  • Avoid using chewing tobacco.


  • Avoid long term use of medication that contains fluorine or fluoride.
    Certain antidepressants and medications for osteoporosis contain fluorine.

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